Case Products

Here at World grid modular we can custom build you almost any dimension of Acrylic polymer Eurorack case you wish.

We have built one off custom designs for special customers and can create almost anything you can think of.

Our standard cases are clear, We offer almost any color combination imaginable at additional cost.   (prices quoted exclude powerboard, mounting hardware, or rails)

Below we offer some examples

IMG_2432Clear 6U angled

84 hp    $399

104 hp   $420




Clear 6U Flat (slim)IMG_2203

84 hp   $340

104 hp  $360




Clear 6U Flat (pictured above angled)             IMG_2625

84 hp   $380

104 hp  $399






DSC_1255Triple layered ends 6U

84 hp     $499

104 hp    $550




modular_slide4Triple layered ends 3U

84 hp   $299

104 hp  $329




Triple layered ends 9U

84 hp   $599

104 hp  $699







cases_slide021″ Thick end panels by order

Please contact us with size requirements.




cases_slide01Customized vent patterns are also available



Custom laser artwork is also available with the exception of copyright material..We do not wish to infringe on others intellectual property. Most of our custom cases are one off productions.  If you have a custom case idea contact us and we can most probably help.








Our Elektron 2up and 3up stacking panels are designed to cradle your Elektron machine perfectly without damage, taking the weight off of the factory drilled 3mm x 6mm screw holes                                  Clear 2up  $209 Excl GST  (includes mounting screws)







elektron_stackers3up panel     Clear $269 Excl GST

                    Orange $369 Excl GST


Shark Fin 2up

$209 Excl GST


IMG_2939Hardware Mounting kit with your choice of removable power board tray. Includes switching DC Barrel inlet, Adhesive motherboard stand-offs, Switch if required, power lead, Adhesive tabs.

38$ Excl GST


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